Frogland's Most Wanted

The Notorious Frogs of Frogland are a hand-drawn series of 10,000 generative NFTs, with each frog being entitled to a LillyPAD, or Personal Access Domain, with Frogland, the central most founding district of the metaverse.

The metaverse, “NewPangea”, is currently under construction by a world-class indie game studio. The land sale will introduce the first two construction zones: “Outlaw Zone” and it’s Ruined City, home to the Gutter Cat Gang, and the “PostMortem Zone” where the Wicked Cranium will make their home, the Island of Osseous.

OpenSea Collection


Frogland is the founding District of NewPangea. Each Notorious Frog comes with a claim to a PAD in Frogland, its own Personal Access Domain.

The culture of collaboration is woven into this metaverse’s evolutionary process, with the Notorious Frog HODLers being consulted on the design with a world class indie game-dev studio. 

Select Partner NFT Collections — the Gutter Cats and Wicked Craniums being the first — are working with the game-dev studio to incorporate their design aesthetics into their own Community Centers and District. 

Land sales in those Districts will then begin, and will be available to the general public, however members of those partnered clubs will have certain privileges.



Island of Osseous

The Toadmap

The NewPangea Metaverse will be developed with a new level of transparency into the development process. With frequent community discussions for input and direction, each and ever Froghodler will be able to co-create this next generation space.


Create the NewPangea aesthetic that will unify all of the four initially planned Districts.
Environment Demo #1: A Frogland livestream showcase to demonstrate the progress of the Frogland playable environment.
Environment Demo #2 of Frogland will  be made available to select users for testing of the four basic zones.  

Creation of the 10k plots, called LilyPADs within Frogland.

Playable Closed Alpha


Open Beta for Partners and Froghodlers.


V1.0 of Frogland launched publicly
Import capability for  your own 2D and 3D NFTs.

Welcome to NewPangea


What is Frogland?

Frogland is the Founding District of the NewPangea metaverse, home to the Notorious Frog NFT generative art HODLers. Each NFT purchase will receive 1 plot — a PAD, or Personal Access Domain — in Frogland upon Frogland’s completion.

What is NewPangea?

NewPangea is the metaverse where Frogland — the first District to be developed. The Frogland District is on a plateau at the center of the NewPangea metaverse. Frogland is surrounded by Zones and those Zones will contain multiple Districts. To the west lies the Outland Zone. To the south is the Post Mortem Zone. The Lowlands Zone is to the east. To the north is the Exposition Zone.

What are Districts?

Districts are stylised areas within the NewPangea metaverse. The Districts will be the home for select NFT partner projects

What makes each District unique?

The partner’s Districts will have access to NewPangea’s world-class indie game development studio. The studio collaborates with the creatives of each partner NFT to refine Community Centers and Personal Access Domains (PADs) according to each community’s aesthetics.

Are there other NFT collections in the NewPangea metaverse at this time?

Yes. The Gutter Cat Gang and the Wicked Craniums will have their very own Districts in NewPangea. They are the first two projects to join the Notorious Frogs in this multi-NFT metaverse.

Will there be others?

Yes! There is plenty of room in NewPangea. The Notorious Frogs are in negotiations with the heads of some of your favorite collections to establish their own Community Centers within new Districts!

Is a VR headset required?

Not required at all, and VR support for all popular headsets will be available.

Are there other NFT collections in the New Pangea metaverse at this time?

The NewPangea metaverse is a community-curated creation process. 

Each new district is themed by the aesthetics of the partner NFT that occupies that District.

In addition to Districts that are home to community NFT projects, an Exposition Zone with an Arts District will allow the import and showcasing of new collections and individual works of 2D & 3D NFT artwork.

Wen Notorious Frog?

When you buy a Notorious Frog you will immediately own the NFT, and all commercial rights to the NFT. Do with it what you will, it’s yours. The Reveal happens one week after the sale commences, however, in the event of a sell out, the Frogs will be revealed earlier. Follow our Discord or Twitter for updates.

Wen land?

The exact date will be based upon the community involvement in livestream conversations with the game development studio’s creative team. The livestreams will be scheduled at least once per month during the NewPangea development process.

Is NewPangea free to play?

YES! To enter NewPangea, all you need is an internet connection and a mobile, a tablet or computer. VR support for the most popular virtual reality headsets is on the roadmap.

How much does a Notorious Frog cost?

Notorious Frogs will be sold at a flat 0.08 ETH.

How do I buy a Notorious Frog?

Download the Metamask extension for Google Chrome or Firefox. Buy Ethereum (ETH) on an exchange like Coinbase, Binance, PayPal and send it to your Metamask ETH Wallet Public Address with an ERC20 transfer.

Connect your Metamask Wallet to our website by clicking on the Connect Wallet button.

You will need to approve the notification that will pop up to connect your wallet.

The notification can be found in the top right of your browser, (it looks like a Fox).

Click “Buy Now” on our website and approve the transaction on Metamask.

Call the getaway driver and get to the stash house!

Join the spawning pool and get close to your fellow frogs.